Create a tour that fits You like a tailor made suit.



Nothing fits like a tailor-made suit. With the same principle, we offer you the possibility to create the travel experience which fits you the best.

Tailor-made tours offer you the flexibility to choose your own path. You can decide how and when to travel, the level of service and the accommodation standard. Pack in as many activities and locations as possible, or incorporate some relaxation and free time to explore on your own terms.

If you love the programs we offer but would like a personalized itinerary, why not use our expertise to arrange your very own tailor-made tour?

Our team has a long tradition and experience in organizing custom made tours. We’ll plan an itinerary that suits your needs, suggesting unique things to do and must-see places to visit in Croatia.

With us, you can visit the national parks, nature parks, city’s or building on the UNESCO World Heritage list, do the activities like kayaking, rafting, biking, walking, zip line.

Do not hesitate to contact us and we can start planning your unique holiday together.

  • to schedule a tour or for more information please send us an e-mail.


Samobor Hike Tour

Samobor Hike Tour

Zagreb Hike Day

Zagreb Hike Day

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