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About the Zagreb hike day

   Located just north of Zagreb, Mount Medvednica, or “the Bear Mountain”, shows a unique European example of a nature park merging with a capital city. With its almost fully preserved natural environment, Medvednica Nature Park is the most adored weekend destination for the locals. Known as a place for hiking, cycling, skiing, mountaineering and other outdoor activities, Medvednica carries another title – “The Lungs of Zagreb”.

Sljeme, the peak of Medvednica, lies at the elevation of 1.035 m/ 3.396 Ft above sea level.

Be prepared to reach the summit!

To reach the top, we offer two tours.

Tour 1: Leustek trail top

Leustek trail (trail No. 14), the easiest and most popular trail with the locals, is situated on the south side of Medvednica Mountain and runs from Gračani district, or the last tram stop of tram No. 15, to Medvednica ridge. It was named after a popular forester Albin Leustek, who devoted a part of his life to the woods of Mount Medvednica. He even wanted to be buried in his special place on the mountain. His wish was not granted, but they gave the romantic name Šumarev grob (Forester’s Grave) to his favourite hidden spot by a stream. Summit offers marvellous discoveries – Činovnička Meadow, the Snow Queen Trophy ski-trails, the TV and Radio Transmitter Tower and a spectacular view of Zagorje region. We will return to Gračani using the same route.

Trail description:

Difficulty level: medium

Length: 15 km/9.3 mi

Total elevation: 760 m/2490 Ft (7.5 km/4.6 mi up – approx. 2.5h; 7.5 km/4.6 mi down approx. 2h)

Duration: approx. 5 hours

Tour 2: Medvedgrad – Zrinski Mine – mountain lodges Grafičar, Red Cross and Tomislavac – top

   Our hike starts in the picturesque part of the city called Šestine, which was once Zagreb neighbouring village. Recognised for its specific folk costume, Šestine umbrella and laundry-washing craft, Šestine now offers even more – the beautiful church of St Emerik with its starry roof. From there we will walk to the base of the hill Mali Plazur. On top of it nests Medvedgrad or “the Bear Town”, a picturesque medieval castle, which has been watching over Zagreb for eight centuries.

   Founded in the 13th century after a devastating Mongolian attack that struck Zagreb, this fort was the home to a large number of Croatian noble families, all the way to 1590, when it was devastated by an earthquake and abandoned. During our hike, you will hear scary legends of a vicious countess and sorceress Barbara of Celje, known by the folk as the Black Queen.

   This path will also lead us to an interesting attraction known by the locals as Zrinski Mine. Opened in the 16th century by one of Croatia’s most prestigious families, Zrinski Family, this mine was used for digging galena, an essential silver ore of that time. Before reaching the top, we can take a rest in one of the mountain lodges that are on the way – Grafičar, Red Cross or Tomislavov dom. The summit offers marvellous discoveries – the Snow Queen Trophy ski-trails, the TV and Radio Transmitter Tower, Činovnička Meadow and a spectacular view of Zagorje region. We will return to Šestine using the same route or by a shortcut.

Trail description:

Difficulty level: medium to hard

Length: 15.5 km/9.6 mi

Total elevation: 800 m/2620 Ft (8 km/4.97 mi up – approx. 3h; 7.5 km/4.5 mi down – approx. 2.5h)

Duration: approx. 6.5 hours


  • to schedule a tour or for more information please send us an e-mail


The prices include a professional guide and a complimentary gift.

The price does not include food and drinks during the tour. We do not make meal reservations in mountain lodges. Upon request, your guide can give you recommendations.

Organisation of the transfer (private or public) from the place of your accommodation to the base position from where the hike tour starts is optional and will be added to the price of the tour.

The duration of the above-mentioned tours does not include the duration of transfer from the place of your accommodation to the base position from where the hike tours start.

Sljeme tour can only be organised in the morning hours.

We reserve the right to cancel the tour in case of bad weather.

Sufficient supply of water, energy snacks, adequate sports or hiking footwear and spare clothing are mandatory.



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