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About the Zagreb hike day

Mount Medvednica is a very rare example of a nature park merging with a capital city. In 1981 Medvednica was declared a nature park.

The name Medvednica could be translated as “bear mountain”, located just North of Zagreb. Medvednica, a mountain range with its highest peak Sljeme at 1. 033 m, is a unique example of an almost fully preserved natural environment just out the back door of a large city.

Medvednica is well now as a place for hiking and other outdoor activities.

We offer you two options to hike to the top of Medvednica to Sljeme 1.033 m/3390 ft. On the way you will be able to see the Snow Queen Trophy ski-trails, the TV and Radio Transmitter Tower, a spectacular view of Zagorje region.

First option is medium level: 15 km/9,3 mi , the total elevation is 760 m/2490 ft. (7,5 km/ 4,6 mi up cca. 2.5h a and 7,5 km/4.6 mi down cca. 2h). This trail is the most popular hike trail to the top of Medvednica- Sljeme 1.033 m/3390 ft.

The second option is medium to hard level: 15.5 km/9,6 mi, the total elevation is 800 m/2620 ft. (8 km/4.97 mi up cca. 3h and 7.5 km/4.5 mi down 2,5 down) on our hike tour we will pass the fortress Medvedgrad, Zrinski mine, several mountain huts.

Duration: 4-5 hiking (15-15.5 km/9.3-9.6 mi), van transfer takes 30 min from Zagreb to the start of our hike tour and 30 min beck to Zagreb.

Starting point: Zagreb

Activity level: medium to hard, the total altitude is 760-800 m/2500-2620 ft

  • to schedule a tour or for more information please send us an e-mail

Included: driver/guide, car, transportation costs, transfer from Zagreb and back.

Optional: Food and beverage at the restaurant


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