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About the Zagreb City Break Hike tour

The Zagreb hike tour will take you to Croatia’s nature parks and national parks: Plitvice Lakes, Medvednica and Žumberak.

We offer you a tailor-made hike trips for two and more persons, family trips, group trips and honeymoon trips.


Please keep in mind that this itinerary may be altered due to inclement weather, trails closed for repair, or any reason that may affect the safety of the group. All times and distances in this itinerary are approximate.

Day 1: City tour Zagreb – – walking (2 hours)

The Zagreb city tour shows all the historic parts of Zagreb’s Lower and Upper Town; St. Stephan’s Cathedral, the Farmers market and the small Gradec town. The walking tour takes approximately 2 hours depending on your wishes. Our guides know all the sweet photo spots and hidden places.

Day 2: Plitvice Lakes National Park — hiking (8.2 miles, the total elevation 500 ft.)

This UNESCO World Heritage site has been called the most remarkable meeting of water and rock to be found anywhere in the world. The series of 16 emerald green and opal blue travertine lakes, more than 90 waterfalls, numerous caves, and forest of beech and pine trees make for an unforgettable hike. On the way to Plitvice Lakes, we will stop at Rastoke – The Miller’s Village and family owned household with 18th Century watermill.

Distance from Zagreb: 2 hour drive each way

Day 3: Nature park Medvednica – hiking (9.6 miles, the total elevation is /2620 ft.)

Mount Medvednica is a very rare example of a nature park merging with a capital city. In 1981 Medvednica was declared a nature park. The name Medvednica could be translated as “bear mountain”, located just North of Zagreb. Medvednica, a mountain range with its highest peak Sljeme at 1. 033 m, is a unique example of an almost fully preserved natural environment just out the back door of a large city. Medvednica is well known as a place for hiking and other outdoor activities.

Distance from Zagreb: 20 min drive each way


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Day 4: Nature park Žumberak and city of Samobor – – hiking (5 mi, the total elevation is 990 ft.)

This hiking tour will lead us to the Okić. Gentle area around Okić covers the farthest southeastern part of the Samoborsko gorje, about 20 km south-west of Zagreb, on the half way between Samobor and Jastrebarsko. The most attractive point of the area is Okić with Old Town (ruin) on its rocks. It is one of the oldest medieval feudal towns of distinctive preserved Romanic architecture on exceptional position and is regarded as unique in the continental part of Croatia. After Okic we will continue to Samobor where you will visit a 13th century ruin. An easy hike will ensure you a spectacular view. After the hike you will enjoy a good coffee or tea and try famous Samobor custard slice cake ”kremšnita”.

Distance from Zagreb: 40 min drive each way


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