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About the city bike tour

          Explore Zagreb in an unconventional way – enjoy exploring the beauties of the city on an electric bike, in the company of our local guide. With our guide, you will hear the best stories of the classic and new attractions, combined with insider info.

          Our standard e-bike tour passes through the old medieval city core of Zagreb. Inside the towns of Kaptol and Gradec that are located on top of two neighboring hills, you will get to experience the marvelous attractions of Croatia’s capital. Kaptol, with Zagreb’s Cathedral as the tallest building in Croatia, is not only the center of Croatian Catholic Church today, but it also hides other town jewels like the picturesque farmers’ market Dolac, also known as “The Belly of Zagreb”. Before reaching the hill of Gradec, we will take a ride through the borderline area of the two towns or today’s loveliest and most sociable walking street in  Zagreb – Tkalčićeva Street. Passing through the only preserved Gradec gate, called the Stone Gate, we will reach the very center of Croatia’s political power – St Mark’s Square with the buildings of the Croatian Parliament and the Government. The climb to Gradec will not leave you breathless, but the stunning multi-colored roof of St Mark’s Church and the spacious southern view of the city near Lotrščak Tower might.
             In the Lower Town, which is an area of the city that lies below Kaptol and Gradec, you will get a chance to experience the 19th century way of life of the newly industrialized city. Our bike tour passes through the grid-shaped streets and Zagreb Green Horseshoe, a sequence of eight connected parks and squares. Buildings of Croatian National Theatre, Zagreb University, Main Railway Station, Art Pavilion, Croatian Academy of Science and Arts, and statues of St George and King Tomislav are only some of the highlights of this area. Let’s discover the stunning beauties and secrets of the old Zagreb!

Duration: 2 hours

Included: experienced guide, bike and helmet (available, but not required)

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(The price includes service of a licensed tour guide. Food, drinks and any transportation
costs are not included in the price.)


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